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Skin Whitening For Dark Knees & Dark Elbows

Skin Whitening For Dark Knees & Dark Elbows (LIVE RESULTS) home remedies to lighten your dark knees and elbows INSTANTLY at home! Learn how to lighten your dark knees and elbows, Skin whitening for dark knees & dark elbows, how can i lighten my dark knees and elbows, how to lighten dark underarms, how to get rid of dark neck, natural home remedies for dark neck, How to get rid of dark neck, how to get rid of dark knees, how to lighten skin, lighten dark skin home remedies , Remove dark neck , how to sort the issues of dark elbow, how to get rid of dark elbow , how to get rid of dark knees. Don't forget to TAG & SHARE it with your friends.

University Students Federation protest

Members of the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) conducted protest campaign opposite the Fort Railway station yesterday demanding that the government take over the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM).

Dinesh Gunawardena suspended from parliament

MP Dinesh Gunawardena suspended from parliament for a week

Tooth PAIN disappear in an instant

Cavities often cause tooth pain, and you get cavities from bacteria in the mouth that are thriving on sugary and starchy foods that cling to teeth and gums. The bacteria produce acids that damage your teeth, and when the damage reaches a nerve, misery sets in. Toothache is at the top of the list for not-a-fun-time, but there are some natural remedies you can use to relieve the pain before you make it to the dentist

Safe Driving Device Review in Sinhala

- Driver State Monitoring Systems Safe Driving Device Price in Sri lanka and Review in Sinhala. driver monitoring systems lexus driver attention monitor driver behavior monitoring system driver monitoring system pdf driver monitoring system toyota driver performance monitoring lexus driver monitoring vehicle manual infrared led warning driver monitoring devices. Sleepy drivers on a crash course

Lanka Navy denies shooting Indian poachers

Sri Lanka Navy yesterday rejected allegations that its personnel shot dead a 21-year-old Indian fisherman on Monday evening while he was fishing a short distance off Katchatheevu islet. Indian media reports stated that a 21-year-old fisherman from Tamil Nadu was shot dead while another suffered injuries when their boat came under attack late Monday night, allegedly from the Sri Lankan Navy. Navy media spokesperson Commander Chaminda Walakuluge when contacted denied the charge but added that however, a probe has been launched into the allegations leveled in the Indian media. According to Indian media, angry relatives of the dead youth have refused to receive his body from the hospital, demanding that a minister should visit them, and also seeking assurance for a permanent solution.

Protest in Meethotamulla

Kolonnawa residents stage a demonstration over Meethotamulla garbage dump

Arrests of intelligence officers risks national security

Parliamentarian Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thera today expressed his displeasure at the recent arrests of the military intelligence personnel. He told a media conference that these arrests had jeopardised national security. Navy Intelligence Officer Dhammika Anil Mapa, Lieutenant Commander Sumith Ranasinghe and solider Udaya Thushara were arrested recently. “When I questioned several Police officers, they said the arrests were made because of pressure from foreign countries regarding Human Rights violations. But President Maithripala Sirisena expressed his views to the country clearly and said he would not allow military intelligence personnel to be arrested in an arbitrary manner. If there is a report of wrongdoing by military intelligence personnel, action must be taken after a proper investigation,” the Thera said.

Deraniyagala double murder

Two including 7 year old assaulted to death in Deraniyagala Teen behind the Deraniyagala double murder

Two women arrested for shoplifting in Kantale

Two women arrested for shoplifting in Kantale

Fisherman Killed Allegedly By Lankan Navy

There is huge anger in Tamil Nadu after a 22-year-old fisherman was shot dead on Monday allegedly by the Sri Lankan navy. More than a thousand people have gathered at the home of Bridgo in Rameswaram, and his family has refused to accept his body without assurance that action will be taken.
Govt. denies involvement of navy in fisherman's shooting

Kid Eats Dog Poop - Funny

We all have a snack-oholic friend in our life:That one person that will be hungry wherever you go and whatever you do! It is quite tough to be prepared at all times to satisfy these kinds of people. But worry no more, we've got the perfect new Snack On-The-Go. Moist, warm, and freshly pooped!

Wimal Celebrates his 47th Birthday

MP Wimal Weerawansa Celebrates his 47th Birthday with Mahinda Rajapaksa & fellow ‘Joint Opposition’ members at Parliament #LKA #SriLanka

How to Do Facial At Home

How to Do Facial At Home. Get Fairer, Ageless & Super Glossy Skin with 4 Easy Steps. Steps to make milk and honey fairness face pack: Mix a teaspoonful each of milk and honey. Apply the mixture on your face. Massage it slowly using circular movements. Let the application stay on for at least 20 minutes to allow your skin to absorb all the benefits. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Natural weight loss food palmyra sprouts

The health benefits of sprouts make up quite an impressive list, and they include the ability to improve the digestive process, boost the metabolism, increase enzymatic activity throughout the body, prevent anemia, help with weight loss, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, prevent neural tube defects in infants, protect against cancer, boost skin health, improve vision, support the immune system, and increase usable energy reserves. Sprouts may refer to a number of different vegetable or plant beans in the period of time after they begin to grow. The most common sprouts that people regularly use in cooking are alfalfa, soy, and mung bean sprouts, as well as various other types of bean sprouts. The reason that so many people turn to sprouts as a source of food is that they represent a much more significant amount of vitamins and nutrients than they do in an un-sprouted form. Typically, a week after sprouting, the sprouts will have the highest concentration and bioavailability of nutrients. Beans must contain a packed storehouse of all the important nutrients that a plant will need to grow in its initial days, so those tiny caps are filled with important organic compounds, vitamins, and minerals that our body can also utilize.

Beware when you reheat these foods

Most of us are following reheat left over foods. Because we think storing them in a refrigerator and reheating is enough to protect the quality of the food. But we should carefully decide what kind of foods must reheat or avoid. Avoid reheating rice many times, because rice contain more bacteria even after cooked, so reheating is not the solution. So it is better to eat rice at once, if left over remember to store it in freezer. If you have leftover vegetables store them also in a freezer instead of storing fridge. Never reheat foods which tempered or fried with polyunsaturated oils. It can bring very dangerous results, like cancers heart problems etc. And remember to preserve left over chicken and other meats in freezer, and reheat when you consume it. But Scientists says you should not preserve chicken or other meat products more than 2 days. Because we cannot kill all the germs and inner bacteria by reheating . Sometimes high protein of chicken can turning to toxin.
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