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Veralu Achcharu (Pickled Ceylon Olives)

Veralu Achcharu (Pickled Ceylon Olives) by Ape Amma A yummy and mouth watering recipe with some half ripe Veralu. There are so many ways to make Veralu achcharu and this is how we make it on Freshfood

how to make soft pittu by Ape Amma

how to make soft pittu by Ape Amma Puttu pronounced [ˈputtu], (Malayalam: പുട്ട്), (Kannada: ಪುಟ್ಟು), (Tamil: புட்டு), (Sinhala පිට්ටු ) is a breakfast dish eaten in Kerala, parts of Tamil Nadu, the Kanara region of Karnataka and Sri Lanka. Puttu or pittu is a word of Tamil origin which means "portioned".

Amba Maluwa (Mango Curry)

Amba Maluwa (Mango Curry) : Sri Lanka Recipes - This deceptively modest dish derives its sweet yet tart flavour from cooking green mangoes until just tender in a typical Sri Lankan vegetable curry , Amba Maluwa - Mango curry one of famous dish in sri lanka.and it give the high value to our traditional rice and curry.ideal dish for occasions.

Wambatu pahi (achcharu) recipe in Sinhala

Wambatu pahi(achcharu) recipe in Sinhala by Ape Amma

Batu Moju Recipe (Sinhala) Brinjal Moju

This is the method my mom used to cook Brinjal moju when I was a kid, she learned it from my grandmother. My grandmother was born in 1902. So you can imagine how old this recipe must be. :) This can be kept in the fridge for a week.

How to make the healthy Katu Anoda Drink

Katu Anoda Drink (Soursop Fruit Drink)Anoda "The Miracle Fruit" - Soursop Juice This video shows how to make the healthy Soursop juice.

Sri Lankan Yellow Rice - Kaha Bath Recipe

Kaha bath (Yellow Rice) by Ape Amma - Some people aren't very confidant in making yellow rice, because the rice can be under cooked in some places due to the use of coconut milk. Follow this method step by step to make a perfect yellow rice. If you are using a non stick pan it's a little easier, but I wanted to show this method to help everyone.

Innala Curry (Chinese potato curry)

Innala Curry (Chinese potato curry) / siru kizhangu ඉන්නල වෑංජනය | Innala Curry (Chinese potato curry)

Sri lankan Pancakes (easy method)

Sri lankan Pancakes(easy method) by Ape Amma - This pancakes are really good for people with gastritis because of the turmeric powder and coconut milk in the pancake batter. Btw if you make this pancake in a really thick bottom nonstick pan, you don't have to keep the pancake batter in the fridge. Because in a thick bottom pan the pancake will not shrink when added to the pan due to the heat.

How to make Watalappan in Sinhala

Everyone's Favourite Watalappan is here! Simply delicious and addictive! Watalappan A famous Sri Lankan desert Sri Lanka Food Print this recipe. Kapruka reserves copyrights for these recipe images.

How to Make Ginger Beer

How to Make Ginger Beer to Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Malay Pickle Food Recipes

Malay Pickle ( Malay Achcharuwa )Malay pickle by Ape Amma

Sansa's Lemon Cakes Recipe

Lemon cakes are a popular dish eaten by the upperclass folk of Westeros, being especially popular in King's Landing.Sansa's Lemon Cake (Sinhala)

Spicy pepper fish curry

Grind together small onion, garlic, green chilli,black pepper, coriander powder & turmeric powder. Put the fish in a pan & add ground paste & mix well with hands. Add enough water & cocum.Cook on low fire until the gravy becomes thick. When gravy becomes thick add coconut milk & curry leaves.

How To Make unroasted Curry Powder

sri lankan raw curry powder Heat the frying pan and roast the dry rice until golden brown. Add cinnamon, cloves, coriander, curry leaves, peppercorns and cardamom. Last of all, add the coconut, cumin, mustard seed. When all are roasted and have turned a nice colour, pound into a powder with the pestle and mortar.

Seeni Sambol Recipe in Sinhala

Seeni Sambol Recipe (Sri Lankan) (Onion Sambol) Easy (Vegetarian/Vegan)Seeni sambol is a sweet onion relish and a combination of sweet, sour and spicy sambol.

Steamed Sweet Hoppers (Wandu Aappa)

Wandu Aappa : Sri Lanka Recipes : ape amma's Kitchen - Wandu Hopper (a teatime snack)

Fish curry recipe with coconut milk

Well, it's pretty much a basic fish curry recipe, but the flavours of cocoum and coconut milk takes it to another level.

Special curry powder recipe

This video shows how to make a special curry powder and make turmeric powder at home. This is a special curry powder recipe that helps cure non-communicable diseases. Even a healthy person can use this curry powder to protect their health further. This can be stored for 6 months using the method shown in video, but it will last for 3 months for a family of 5. After 3 months you can grind fresh curry powder again. For a family of 2, use half the quantities mentioned. This video also shows how to make fresh turmeric. Doing this way, it is guaranteed that the turmeric powder we are using is real and gives a great color.

Mushroom tempered

Mushroom tempered (Bimmal Baduma) Try the Mushroom Tempered! Easy to make and simply a great lunch accompaniment.
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