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Abandoning Child in Karandeniya

Allegedly Abandoning Child in Karandeniya

A school student fall off a bridge in Elpitiya

Boy saved after falling off unprotected bridge in Elpitiya [video] - Boy Saved After Falling Off Unprotected Bridge In Elpitiya

Mother and son miraculously survive

On Sunday, a mother and son survived after a series of life-threatening accidents in western China’s Chongqing City. The accidents included being hit by a car, being knocked from a bridge and avoiding being hit by a falling car. “I was trying to save my son, but it turned out that I saved myself from being hit by the falling car,” said Madam Dai, who was being treated in a local hospital. She suffered multiple fractures and her son received serious brain damage. Doctors said that neither suffered life-threatening injuries.

Thefts Catch on CCTV Camera in Beruwala

Thefts Catch on CCTV Camera in Beruwala

Robbery at shop in Matara caught on CCTV

thief caught in cctv cam Srilanka Matara

Accidents in Divulapitiya Caught on Camera

Accidents Caught on Camera

Fatal hit and run - two youths dead in Wattala

CCTV: Fatal hit and run leaves two youths dead in Wattala

Speeding bus hits cyclist on yellow crossing

CCTV: Speeding bus hits cyclist while on yellow crossing

Driver reverses car into river

Always apply the handbrake when parking. And make sure you check your gear before pressing the accelerator. Two fundamentals of driving, which a man in Yangzhong city of east China's Jiangsu Province forgot on Saturday – to his cost. The driver, surnamed Zhang, stopped to greet a friend and stepped out of his vehicle without properly parking it. His car slowly began to roll backwards towards a river, but Zhang was close enough to prevent disaster. He rushed back to the vehicle, climbed inside and pressed the accelerator – but the car was in reverse gear. Perhaps he meant to push the brake or thought the car was in first gear, but the result was a car striking a motorcyclist before plunging into the river.

Double tragedy : Motorcyclist collides with SUV

It was a bad day for this motorcyclist on Monday, as he hit an SUV first and then skidded on to a pole. But unfortunately, the pole fell on top of him, too. However, the man wasn't hurt in the accident. According to China's Public Security Ministry, motorcycle accidents accounted for 71.3% of all the traffic accidents in China between 2013 and 2015.

Driver’s hands off wheel , Bus hits wall

Onboard surveillance footage shows the terrifying moment a bus driver in Shanghai lost control of her vehicle in the early morning of October 19. At first, the driver held the steering wheel with her right hand while using her left to try to catch hold of something. But then she picked up a bag with her left and used her right to pick up another – leaving no hands on the wheel. The bus was suddenly out of control, and the driver was thrown from her seat. A number of passengers were propelled forwards, falling on top of the floored driver. Immediately afterwards, the vehicle crashed into the wall of a school. Several passengers suffered minor injuries. Fortunately, due to the late hour, there were few pedestrians on the street and no passersby were hurt.

Historic Makara Thorana robbed - CCTV

The ‘Makara Thorana’at the historic Pusulpitiya Raja Maha Viharaya in Kotmaleis alleged to have been stolen by a treasure hunter yesterday. The priceless arch was decorated with gems and ivory. Basnayake Nilame Priyantha Amunugama has released CCTV footage of the robbery and sought public assistance in identifying the suspect. (Suranga Rajanayake)

Three women caught on CCTV stealing bags

CCTV footage of 3 women stealing bags at shop in Bandaragama

Woman injured after being hit by a bus – CCTV

CCTV footage from bus after it hits woman

Pasyala Shop Theft Cctv Footage

Pasyala Shop Theft Cctv Footage

Jewellery theft in Kelaniya CCTV

Jewellery thief in Kelaniya arrested in the Bulugahagoda area

Thief cheats CCTV cameras with bizarre trick

An amusing video has emerged from China of a person using an umbrella and a white sheet to cloak his identity while attempting to steal cigarettes from a shop. The CCTV footage, captured in Liaoyang, Liaoning Province last week, shows the individual walking slowly through the shop with the sheet hanging from an umbrella to completely obscure his identity from the security cameras.

Former national cricketer shot dead ; CCTV video

A former National Cricketer and the chairman of the Galle Cricket Club, Halambage Premasiri has been shot dead by two unidentified gunmen cctv video - Former national cricketer shot dead in Ambalangoda

CCTV: Woman Sets Fire To Neighbors House

CCTV: Woman caught on camera torching neighbor’s house

Vehicle loses control, hits 6 pedestrians

Surveillance video shows that a man started a white car, turned right, and hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk of a road this morning in Yichang, Hubei Province. However, the vehicle didn’t stop and accelerated towards the driveway. It then turned back, drove to the sidewalk, and hit five more people. Finally, it crashed into a brown car in the front and stopped. Six people were taken to the hospital in total, luckily suffering only minor injuries. The driver was then taken to the police station, where it was discovered that the main reasons for the incident was the driver wearing slippers and “operating the car incorrectly”
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