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Abandoning Child in Karandeniya

Allegedly Abandoning Child in Karandeniya

Tire slams pedestrian into pavement

A casual stroll in Brazil almost turned to tragedy in the most unusual of circumstances when a wheel, jettisoned from a passing vehicle, careened across a road and smashed into a pedestrian, hitting him in the head. Roberto Carlos Fernandes, 50, was walking in the Ipatinga neighbourhood of Minas Gerais state when he was suddenly felled by the runaway tire. The collision left him with fractures to his skull and chest and requiring urgent medical treatment at the Hospital Marcio Cunha, Ipatinga. Fernandes is now in stable condition following the freak accident, but footage reveals how the Brazilian was lucky to escape with his life.CCTV captured from a nearby building shows the moment Fernandes was slammed face first into the concrete by the errant wheel. In the clip, he can be seen struck on the head from behind, and taking an extremely heavy fall. As passersby rush to his aid, Fernandes lays prone on the ground. By the time emergency personnel arrived at the scene 10 minutes after the collision, Fernandes appeared able to sit up and respond to medical attention.

A school student fall off a bridge in Elpitiya

Boy saved after falling off unprotected bridge in Elpitiya [video] - Boy Saved After Falling Off Unprotected Bridge In Elpitiya

Bike Accident CCTV Video

Man crossing the road gets hit by bike - Bike Accident CCTV Video

Mother and son miraculously survive

On Sunday, a mother and son survived after a series of life-threatening accidents in western China’s Chongqing City. The accidents included being hit by a car, being knocked from a bridge and avoiding being hit by a falling car. “I was trying to save my son, but it turned out that I saved myself from being hit by the falling car,” said Madam Dai, who was being treated in a local hospital. She suffered multiple fractures and her son received serious brain damage. Doctors said that neither suffered life-threatening injuries.

Kandy Bus accident CCTV

Kandy Bus accident CCTV

Katugastota attacker Arrested

Katugastota attacker Arrested

CCTV: Motorcycle gang Attack in Jaffna

CCTV: Motorcycle gang carries out attack in Jaffna

woman killed in Ratnapura accident

CCTV footage: 55-year-old woman killed in Ratnapura accident

Thefts Catch on CCTV Camera in Beruwala

Thefts Catch on CCTV Camera in Beruwala

Robbery at shop in Matara caught on CCTV

thief caught in cctv cam Srilanka Matara

CCTV shows burglar robbing home

CCTV shows burglar robbing home in kuliyapitiya How to steal (CCT V) camera

Toddler Escape death after truck accident

A three-year-old boy miraculously survived after being knocked down by a truck which jumped a red light at a crossroads in Anji county of east China’s Zhejiang Province earlier this month. The accident happened as the toddler was being pushed across the road in a buggy by his grandmother. The buggy was hit directly by the truck, but the child did not suffer serious injury. The local traffic police said the truck driver should take full responsibility for the accident.

Accidents in Divulapitiya Caught on Camera

Accidents Caught on Camera

Fatal hit and run - two youths dead in Wattala

CCTV: Fatal hit and run leaves two youths dead in Wattala

Speeding bus hits cyclist on yellow crossing

CCTV: Speeding bus hits cyclist while on yellow crossing

Super market thieves in CCTV recordings

The Panadura Police said two women who stole cheese boxes and milk tins from a Super Market at Makuluduwa in Piliyandala were taken into custody with the assistance of the CCTV. The value of the goods taken into custody was over Rs.50,000. The recording of the CCTV showed how the two entered the super market and where they were hiding the cheese and milk tins. The women had hidden them under their garments. It was revealed that four of them arrived at the shop by a three wheeler. Police said according to the investigations conducted, the police were able to locate the three wheel number and arrest the suspects. Police said one of the woman suspect is a noted criminal. Police further said this gang has stolen goods from super markets in Moragahahena, Piliyandala, Horana and several other areas. Super market thieves in CCTV recordings

Driver reverses car into river

Always apply the handbrake when parking. And make sure you check your gear before pressing the accelerator. Two fundamentals of driving, which a man in Yangzhong city of east China's Jiangsu Province forgot on Saturday – to his cost. The driver, surnamed Zhang, stopped to greet a friend and stepped out of his vehicle without properly parking it. His car slowly began to roll backwards towards a river, but Zhang was close enough to prevent disaster. He rushed back to the vehicle, climbed inside and pressed the accelerator – but the car was in reverse gear. Perhaps he meant to push the brake or thought the car was in first gear, but the result was a car striking a motorcyclist before plunging into the river.

Thief caught on camera stealing bucket of gold

New York police are searching for a green-clad man who swiped an 86-pound (39 kg) pail of gold flakes off an armoured truck and disappeared with the estimated $1.6 million in treasure. The city's police department late Tuesday (November 29) released photos and video of the suspect, who was lingering near the truck on the afternoon of Sept. 29 and took advantage of a moment of distraction by its security guards to snatch the five-gallon (19-liter) bucket. The video shows him walking away with some difficulty, likely due to the weight of the bucket. The theft happened on a busy stretch of 48th Street in the borough of Manhattan, near the Rockefeller Center office and shopping complex, police said. Police, who said they believe the man has since fled to Florida, described him as 50 to 60 years old, Hispanic and wearing a black vest and green shirt.

CCTV Video Of Shop theft in Ratnapura

CCTV Video Of Shop theft in Ratnapura
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