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මන්ත්‍රී ධුරයෙන් දොට්ට විසිවුණු ඩයනා

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that State Minister Diana Gamage lacks the legal qualifications to retain her parliamentary seat. The decision follows the court's consideration of an appeal challenging the dismissal by the Appeals Court of a petition contesting Gamage's parliamentary membership. The court had initially deferred its verdict indefinitely after concluding the hearings on February 13. Social activist Oshala Herath lodged the appeal two weeks subsequent to the dismissal of his petition against Gamage's parliamentary seat and citizenship by the Appeals Court. In his appeal, Herath named Gamage and others as respondents, reiterating his previous petition's claim that the lawmaker, by holding dual citizenship, is ineligible to hold a seat in the Sri Lankan parliament.

අද රෑ සිට ලිට්‍රෝ ගෑස් මිල පහළට

The price of a 12.5 kg domestic Litro LP gas cylinder will reduced by Rs.175 from midnight today, Litro Gas said. Accordingly, the new retail price of a cylinder of 12.5 kg LP gas will be Rs.3,940 The 5 kg cylinder of LP gas will be reduced by Rs. 70 and the new retail price will be Rs.1,582 The 2.3 kg cylinder of LP gas will be reduced by Rs.32 and the new retail price will be Rs.740.

ON ARRIVAL VISA අර්බුදයෙන් කටුනායක කලබලයක්

Tense situation at BIA over delay in issuing visa on arrival Last night, chaos erupted at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) following a contentious transition in the on-arrival visa issuance process to an Indian company. This move, fraught with controversy, saw the Indian firm imposing an additional $25 charge, contrasting with the smooth management of the process by the Immigration and Emigration Department over the years. This transition occurred without requisite cabinet approval, raising pertinent questions about the authorization behind such a decision. Moreover, alongside the standard $75 fee, the Indian company implemented this supplementary charge. In response to inquiries, Controller General Harsha Illukpitiya of the Immigration and Emigration Department disclosed that control over the visa issuance process reverted to their jurisdiction due to the private company's incapacity to ensure operational efficiency. Footage circulating on social media vividly portrayed extensive queues at the airport. A Sri Lankan citizen was captured expressing frustration towards the Indian visa officers, alleging the cancellation of his wife's on-arrival visa. He vehemently contested the authority of Indian personnel to dictate visa status for Sri Lankan citizens, asserting his rights and taxpayer status, emphasizing his annual contribution of approximately Rs. 4 million. He vocally criticized the decision to outsource visa issuance to an Indian entity, contending that numerous capable Sri Lankan firms could have managed the task. Simultaneously, he questioned the Indian visa officer's jurisdiction to address him in such a manner and accused the Sri Lankan government of neglecting local employment opportunities by allowing Indian companies to operate in the country. Additionally, foreign travelers reported enduring lengthy waits exceeding two to three hours for visa processing, further exacerbating the chaotic situation.

හතරක් රෝහලට යැවූ පැරෂුට් හදිසි ගොඩබෑම

Four Sri Lankan military paratroopers have suffered minor injuries

සනත් නිශාන්ත දැයෙන් සමුගනී

Following a tragic road accident earlier this week,

Online නීතිය පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේ අනුමැතියට

Sri Lanka’s Online Safety Bill, which seeks to regulate online content,

දුමින්දට ගෝඨාභය දුන් පොදු සමාව නීත්‍යානුකූල නෑ

The Supreme Court has declared

මහින්ද කොඩිතුවක්කු රිමාන්ඩ්

Self-proclaimed ‘Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’ remanded Mahinda Kodituwakku,

අන්තරේ විරෝධතාවට ජල ප්‍රහාර හා කඳුලු ගෑස්

Tear gas and water cannons fired on IUSF

ලිට්‍රෝ ගෑස් මිල පහළට

Litro Gas Lanka has decided to reduce the prices of domestic Liquefied Petroleum (LP)

Saddharathana Thero remanded

Nathasha Edirisooriya arrested

Comedian Nathasha Edirisooriya was arrested by

වසන්ත මුදලිගේගෙන් අනාවරණයක්

Freed Mudalige to reveal ‘assassination’

2023 New Year's celebrations from around the world

‘Kanjipani Imran’ sneaks into Tamil Nadu

Notorious underworld gangster Mohamed Najim Mohamed Imran alias ‘Kanjipani’

Thilini Priyamali speaks to Media

The large- scale financial fraudster, businesswoman Thilini Priyamali, was released from prison a short while ago.

අදායම් බදු පැනවෙන හැටි එළියට

අන්තරේ අදත් කඳුළු ගෑස් කයි

Police used tear gas and water cannons

මහින්ද එක්වූ රණවිරු සැමරුම

සනත් නිශාන්ත CID අත්අඩංගුවට

SLPP MPs Sanath Nishantha & Milan Jayatilake arrested SLPP MP Sanath Nishantha has been arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department over violent incidents which took place at Galle Face and Colpetty on 9th May. SLPP MP Milan Jayatilake was also arrested.
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