Dairy Products and Breast Cancer Risk

Comparing with the people who consume a cup of milk a day, those who drink more than three have the risk of having a breast cancer. This is discovered by the Norway scientists at their latest studies. According to them, consuming milk is responsible for that. According to the latest statistics, the highest number of breast cancers are recorded in Finland, Sweden, Britain, Canada, and America. Do you know that these countries are in the top rung in producing and consuming milk? Scientists say that the breast cancers are minimal in the countries which have a less consumption of milk. Do you believe that the milk contains hormones and other compounds which could be taken as a carcinogen? Many prepared supplements such as vitamin D are added to milk. It confirms that those who caught to breast cancers have a maximum amount of Vitamin D in their bodies. In addition to milk, less consumption of vegetable and fish, excessive consumption of sugar, having more pork and wearing tight brassieres lead to breast cancers.
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