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Mr Zoom's World Record for Eye Popping

Making world record is amazing, but making records of such freaky thing is not just easy! There are a lot many people who have made world records either in physical fitness, doing some extraordinary things differently from others like death define stunts just for mentioning their name in Guinness book. But this man Mr.Zoom’s left us speechless crossed all parameters. Mr. Zoom demolishes the current world record for keeping eyes popped out of their head. Yes! The men perform the activity for 53 seconds and made world record.

"Iranian hulk" Real Life Hulk

"Iranian hulk" Sajad Gharibi will lift up your spirits A huge weightlifter has been dubbed the Iranian Hulk after astounding social media with his sheer physical size. Sajad Gharibi, 24, from Iran, is said to weigh almost 24 and a half stone and almost all of it is muscle. The giant man with a fierce expression has a following of over 60,000 followers on Instagram where he posts about what he does best - weightlifting. But his Instagram account doesn’t feature the type of food and workout posts most weightlifters and workout obsessives share, instead it displays an array of gobsmacking topless photos of himself and unpretentious pictures of him going about his day to day life. His huge frame and bulging muscles have earned him the name of Hulk or Hercules. He’s also famous for having no neck! He can lift up to 175 kilogrammes (386 lbs), which is more than he weighs and he takes part in the powerlifting category of competitions. He has also participated in bodybuilding competitions representing his country.

Best magic talents in the world 2016

Amazing videos - Best magic talents in the world 2016 trick ever

The Discovery Sport Car Tows 100 Tonne Train

The Land Rover Discovery Sport demonstrates its towing capability in Northern Switzerland as it towed a 100 tonne train in the Rhine region. The unmodified vehicle employed its semi-autonomous driving technology and it’s 180 PS Ingenium Engine as it towed the train, which weighs the same as a Boeing- 757 over 10 km. See how this feat of capability was achieved by watching the film above.

How To Make Long Eggs

If you've ever had a slice of Gala Pie, you might have wondered how they get the boiled egg into the pork filling, and how come it's the same size all the way through. Well, it's a Long Egg (also known as Infinite Egg). Commercial long eggs are made using a clever machine. The basic process is to poach egg yolks in a tube, then put that into a bigger tube and surround it with egg white and poach it again. In this video I show you some of my experiments to reproduce this at home. It involves different sizes of sausage casing, plastic bags, sticky tape, lots of sweat and almost some tears. Along the way I discovered quite a few things that you shouldn't do when trying to make a long egg, as well as some that you should.

A Little Girl Stops wild Elephant

A Little Girl stops wild elephant on its tracks with some holy powder and a chant

Japanese students hatch an egg without an EGG !

For the first time in history, a group of Japanese high-schoolers have found a way to hatch an egg, without the egg! Now biology classes can observe development while still keeping the chick alive!

Mysterious Creature Caught on Camera Over Badulla

Mysterious Angel Caught on Camera Over Badulla, Sri Lanka | Latest Alien Sighting | UFO Sighting

How To Charge Your Phone with An Onion

It's sort of like a potato battery but it's much stronger. We'll show you How to extract the energy from the inside of an onion and make it charge your iphone, android phone, blackberry phone... whatever. Just follow our carefully laid out instructions.

Amazing Accidents - Luckiest People In The World

Lucky people. It's a video compilation of some incredible lucky people (in HD). There are car, aircraft train and other categories. Some of them were so near to the death but they still alive with little or without injuries. Some of them are skills. Watch it, enjoy it.

How It's Made Eggs

How It's Made" Eggs How It's Made Eggs Packaging

Ultimate Fails Compilation - Best funny

Compilation of best funny fail videos of the year 2015 part 2! Ultimate fails compilation of 2015! Every week - new awesome fails & wins!

Heavy Equipment accidents compilation

The best collection of heavy crane accidents around the world, heavy crane lifting fail, heavy equipment accidents videos, awesome crane accident, awesome crane lifting

Best magic show in the world

Best magic show in the world 2015 - best magic trick ever P3

Magician brings dead bird back to life

When Criss and Krystyn spot a lifeless dove, Criss powerfully restores the creature and sends it flying back into the sky.

Watch Stunt Car Driver Ken Block

KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA EIGHT: ULTIMATE EXOTIC PLAYGROUND; DUBAI Ford Performance Ford Performance Ford Performance, XDubai and Hoonigan proudly present Ken Block's Gymkhana EIGHT: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai.

The World's Deadliest Snakes Catcher

Snake Catchers: Protecting The World's Deadliest Snakes

Space timelapse shows lightning storms

Astronaut Tim Peake published a timelapse on social media showing lightning storms on Earth, Wednesday, as filmed from the International Space Station (ISS).The ISS completes an orbit of Earth every 92.91 minutes and moves at 17,100 miles

Cyclist dragged under truck survives

A lucky cyclist survived being dragged 10m along the ground by a truck, after he swerved to avoid the vehicle in icy conditions and became trapped under its front bumper.

Bangladesh's Tree Man to remove ' branches'

A Bangladeshi man Abul Bajandar is preparing to undergo surgery to remove massive bark-like warts on his hands which weigh over 5 kg. The man was nicknamed Tree Man as he suffers from rare genetic skin disease.
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