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GotaGoGama celebrates Vesak

Travel Ban imposed on Mahinda & 16 others

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රනිල් අගමැති ධුරයේ දිවුරුම් දෙයි

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රටේ තත්ත්වය ගැන ජාත්‍යන්තර අවධානය

While calling for a full investigation into the attacks on peaceful protestors in Colombo, the US State Department has expressed its concern over the deployment of the military in Sri Lanka.

Mahinda was taken to the Trinco Naval dockyard

Police notice to GotaGoGama protestors

යළි පණ ලබන ගාලු මුවදොර අරගලය

සුප්‍රකට මල්වානේ නිවස ගිනි තැබේ

Protestors torch infamous Malwana mansion

Protest outside Trincomalee Naval Base

A protest has broken out, outside the Trincomalee Naval Base as reports have said that former prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and some of his family members have sought refuge there after the violent clashes which erupted yesterday. A group of protestors has started a protest outside the Navy Camp demanding the former prime minister and his family be held accountable for the crisis and arrested. Mahinda Rajapaksa left Temple Trees today morning after security forces cleared the protestors who had been protesting for hours against him and the government.

Carlton House set on fire during unrest

Carlton House in Weeraketiya set on fire during unrest

aftermath of violence in Sri Lanka

Vehicles burnt and toppled; aftermath of violence in Sri Lanka

සර්ව ආගමික පූජකවරු ජනපති හමුවෙයි

මහින්ද කහඳගමගේ මුහුණ දුන් ඉරණම

අගමැතිට සහාය පළ කිරීමට ආ මහින්ද කහඳගමගේ මුහුණ දුන් ඉරණම

ජොන්ස්ටන්ගේ කාර්යයාලයට ගිනි

යට ඇඳුම් විරෝධය

A group of protesters in loin cloths and some holding underwear were seen staging a protest near the Parliament A group of protesters in loin cloths and some holding underwear were seen staging a protest near the Parliament entrance 'Hora Go Gama' against the President and the government claiming that "this is all we are left with”.

රටම නැවතූ හර්තාලය

Many sectors of Sri Lanka came to a standstill today due to the ongoing 24-hour hartal by a number of trade unions. The hartal saw the closing of stores in prominent trading areas and several key towns, as well as the halting of several public transportations, including trains and buses, and public services. All schools in the country were closed in view of the hartal, while several banks had also either closed or restricted their services. Employees of the state, semi-government, public, and private institutions have refrained from their duties severely affecting public services in the country. The public has also hoisted black flags in a number of towns to show their displeasure over the incumbent government. Employees of Free Trade Zones were seen engaging in public protests outside the trade zones. Several public protests were also seen in a number of areas calling on the government to resign. The estate, farmers, and fishing organizations have also engaged in the islandwide hartal. The hartal is being staged over the current national and economic crisis in the country and calling for the government to step down.

Travel ban imposed on Cabraal extended

The Colombo Chief Magistrate's court today further extended its order preventing former Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal from leaving the country until May 23. On April 7, the Court had issued notices directing Cabraal to appear in court on May 2. However, the magisterial inquiry into the matter was not taken up for hearing since the government declared May 2 as a public holiday. Taking into consideration the facts, Colombo Additional Magistrate Harshana Kekunawala ordered to re-issue notices on former Central Bank Governor to appear in court on May 23. The Court made this order pursuant to a request made by former Southern Province Governor Rajith Keerthi Thennakoon through a private plaint filed in terms of section 136(1)(a) of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act. The petitioner said Cabraal is responsible for the country's crippling economic crisis since he took measures to pay a 500 million US dollar sovereign bond. The petitioner stated that the Central bank of Sri Lanka had incurred losses between Rs. 10.4 – 10.6 Billion from 2005 to 2015 to the Sri Lanka Government, whilst Ajith Nivard Cabral was the head of the Central bank. The petitioner alleged Cabral has committed a punishable offence under section 388 of the Penal Code for criminal breach of trust. The petitioner further alleged the CBSL former governor is also liable for committing offences under Registered Stock and Securities Ordinance. President’s Counsel Maithree Goonaratne, Counsel Ashan Nanayakkara, Iresh Seneviratne and Chan Godakumbura appeared for the complainant.

Trade Unions ready for nation-wide harthal on Friday

Sri Lankan Trade Unions ready for nation-wide harthal on Friday Several Trade Unions and civil organizations have planned to launch a 24-hour islandwide hartal in Sri Lanka tomorrow (06) against President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the government. The Hartal Committee Trade Union Coordinating Centre (TUCC) has warned that the hartal will change into a continuous hartal from the 11th of May if the government and President fail to take steps by tomorrow to respect the public’s opinion. Civil Organizations and Trade Unions ranging over 2000 groups, including the health, transportation, train, power, and education sectors are set to participate in the hartal. Earlier today, the United National Self-Employed Trade Association said lottery dealers have decided to refrain from their duties tomorrow in support of the planned islandwide hartal. Addressing the media, President of the Association Krishan Marambage said lottery dealers/ agents will not engage in the sale of lotteries in the country. The Railway Trade Union has voiced its support for the hartal and will launch a trade union action from midnight today (05).

Tear gas fired on IUSF protest near Parliament

Sri Lanka Police fired tear gas on to the Inter-University Students Federation protest march close to the Parliament on Thursday (5) evening. The IUSF were marching from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura demanding the resignation of the President and the Government.

ඉන්ධන නිකුත් කිරීම සීමා කරයි

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has limited dispensing fuel volumes for vehicles at filling stations with effect from today (May 05). Thereby, filling stations are permitted to pump only fuel worth Rs. 2,000 for motorcycles at a single time. For three-wheelers, the limit has been set at Rs. 3,000 worth of fuel. Meanwhile, the maximum amount of fuel allowed to be dispensed to cars, vans and SUVs is worth Rs. 8,000. However, the restrictions are not applied to buses, lorries and other vehicles used for commercial purposes, according to the CPC chairman. The CPC previously put restrictions on dispensing fuel volumes in mid-April, in an attempt to prevent a shortage of fuel and to curb fuel-related irregularities.
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