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The Sex Shop Prank - Just For Laughs

The Sex Shop Prank - Just For Laughs Gags

Guy Gets Naked For Donations

The things people are willing to do in the name of charity... We set up a donation booth so people could bring clothes they don't use anymore, and this guy comes in empty handed so he starts stripping down to give away his outfit of the day! Just for Laughs Gags

Fart in Elevator Prank!

Fart in Elevator Prank!

Dirty, Messy & Dangerous Pranks

A man literally falls head first in a chemical toilet, a woman gets her stomach drilled , and a kiosk sells food from the dumpster! What a time to be alive.

Live Worms Served at Restaurant - Funny

Live Worms Served at Restaurant - Just For Laughs Gags

Bare Butt Pranks - Just For Laughs

Bare Butt Pranks - Best of Just For Laughs Gags


This is how people react on front of a big booty passing by!

Check out Massage Prank in India Funny

Hi guys,Check out Massage Prank in India. Hope you will enjoy this video. stay tuned to One in All channel for more 2016 latest Pranks in India.

Head Pops Out of Toilet - Funny Gags

Head Pops Out of Toilet - Funny Gags Asia Edition

Hairy Pranks - Just For Laughs Gags

Hairy Pranks - Best of Just For Laughs Gags You know what they say! The more hair, the funnier. Ok no noone ever said that, but we just did!

Girl Slaps a Guy for a Prank

Girl Slaps a Guy for a Prank (Insect/Snake Prank) Funk You (Pranks In India)

Hot Girl Distraction Prank

Hot Girl Distraction Prank Feat. Amanda Cerny!

Vat Saha Lat Funny Video

Naataka Marai Hathedi Marai - Episode 267 | Vat Saha Lat ( 23-06-2016 )

Gay Army Camp - Funny

Gay Army Camp, Karate Kid Kicks Cop, Soccer Signal - Throwback Thursday Talk about an amazing mix! This week's throwback brings you a rebelious karate kid, a loving hilarious gay army, pissed off football fans, and a cheating husband on his wedding day!

Customers Eat Bull Penis - Funny !

You'd be surprised at all the benefits you'd get by eating a bull's penis. Okay we can't think of any because we're not even sure it's edible, but why not try it?

Chooty Malli Podi Malli - Ganwathura Aadara

Chooty Malli Podi Malli (Ganwathura Aadara) - 2016 05 23 (ගංවතුර ආධාර)

Pranking In The Shower

Pranking In The Shower - Best of Just For Laughs Gags

Best funny videos 2016

Best funny videos 2016 Try not to laugh Funny fails 2016 Funny dogs - Funny pranks

Dog On Fire, Snake Charmers - Funny

Pup On Fire, Snake Charmers and Monster Frogs - Throwback Thursday - gags

Dog Rips Arm OFF Prank ! Funny

Looks like doggy wants to play! The master would also be totally fine with this... except if his ENTIRE arm is what this dog wants to play with!
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