Beware when you reheat these foods

Most of us are following reheat left over foods. Because we think storing them in a refrigerator and reheating is enough to protect the quality of the food. But we should carefully decide what kind of foods must reheat or avoid. Avoid reheating rice many times, because rice contain more bacteria even after cooked, so reheating is not the solution. So it is better to eat rice at once, if left over remember to store it in freezer. If you have leftover vegetables store them also in a freezer instead of storing fridge. Never reheat foods which tempered or fried with polyunsaturated oils. It can bring very dangerous results, like cancers heart problems etc. And remember to preserve left over chicken and other meats in freezer, and reheat when you consume it. But Scientists says you should not preserve chicken or other meat products more than 2 days. Because we cannot kill all the germs and inner bacteria by reheating . Sometimes high protein of chicken can turning to toxin.
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