15 Creatures with Amazing Eyes

From the awesome chameleon to the elusive colossal squid, check out these 15 creatures with AMAZING eyes ! Chameleon -- While best known for their ability to change color and blend into their surroundings, Chameleons have highly unusual eyes. Each eye can move independently of the other , enabling the lizard to scan for threats and prey simultaneously. That ability also gives the chameleon a 360-degree range of vision. Chameleons have extremely acute eyesight able to spot prey from many meters away, and can see ultraviolet light. Dragonfly -- Like chameleons, dragonflies have a full 360 degree field of vision. Their eyes are so big they nearly cover the insect’s head, making the dragonfly look like it’s wearing a flight helmet! They have sharp eyesight and are able to detect polarized light in addition to colors. That’s due to 30,000 visual units known as ommatidia, each of which contains a lens and light sensitive cells. They’re especially sensitive to motion, and can quickly detect potential enemies or prey.
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