Will not allow any foreign judges

Sunday 'Divaina' report on war crimes tribunal prompts Sri Lanka Pesident to slam media President Maithripala Sirisena emphasizes he will not allow any foreign court, judge or organization interfere into the internal administration and judiciary in the country in future too. “Though whatever views are expressed in various places regarding bringing of foreign judges and establishing of foreign military courts to take actions against the so called human rights violations during the period of war” he said. The President was speaking at the 70th National Upasampada Vinayakarma (Higher Ordination) ceremony of Sri Lank Ramanna Maha Nikaya, held today (July 8) at the Town Hall Playground in Panadura. He added that he would not allow any national or international activity which challenges the freedom, independence and the territorial integrity of the country. He pledged the Maha Sanga that he would not hesitate to act for the freedom and the independence of the motherland. “It is the policy of the current government to act according to the advice and guidance of the venerable Maha Sanga in its every activity related to the national security and other matters”, he said. The President said he would be committed to protect Sri Lankan society by respecting the proud history of the country as a Buddhist as well as the Head of the State.
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