Sarath Fonseka On Mahinda’s bunker story

During the period of the war, never was a meeting of the security council held in an underground bunker in the way Mahinda Rajapakse has revealed , and as army commander he had never seen such an underground bunker . Hence this bunker has been constructed on the sly , Field marshal Sarath Fonseka the then army commander revealed to media. 

 Field marshal Fonseka made the above comments when Lanka e news inquired from him with reference to the recent statement made by Mahinda Rajapakse at Abhayarama that there is no such underground palace , and it is just an underground bunker where security council meetings were held at that time when LTTE was launching aerial attacks. While the ex president was making desperate efforts to refute allegations regarding the four storeyed super luxury palace within the presidential house during his 9 year long brutal and most corrupt reign , the former army commander and war hero Field marshal Sarath Fonseka dropped this bombshell blasting the lies uttered by mendacious Mahinda Rajapakse into smithereens.
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