A protest Against Azath Salley

A protest was organized in front of the Town Hall Dewatagaha Muslim Mosque against the Leader of the National Unity Front (NUF) Azath Salley this evening after Friday Jumma Prayers. The protest was organized by the Muslim Peace Front (MPF) in order to condemn Mr. Azath Salley’s act of soliciting Central Provincial Member Mr. A.L.M. Uwaiz’s wife at his premises. The protestors vehemently deplored Mr. Salley’s heinous act which is against the teachings of Islamic Philosophy. Mr. A.L.M. Uwaiz’s wife’s relatives arranged a protest opposite Azath Salley’s residence which is situated at Nawala on September 21st demanding her release (Mr. A.L.M. Uwaiz’s wife) under the assumption that she was forcibly held captive. However, the Welikada Police intervened into the matter and found out that she was willingly staying at Mr. Azath Salley’s residence.
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